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Italian Citizenship

I have just returned from an overnight trip to the Italian Consulate in Miami. I'm tired from the traveling and lack of sleep last night, but I feel extremely well. In fact, you could even say I'm high on life for the first time in a long, long time.

The appointment this morning went flawlessly. I managed to speak in Italian with the consular official for 30 minutes without any big issues. My only language problems were, in fact, nerve-induced mind blanks while filling out my AIRE form; I wasn't sure that my profession really was "urbanista" or that my my eyes really were "verdi!" Duh. I've known these words for YEARS. Even so, the official commented that I spoke quite well for somebody whose family was 90 years removed from Italy.

Everything seems to be in order in terms of all the documents I submitted, my translations, etc., but the official must review them closely. She said that once she does I well get a letter recognizing my citizenship, at which point my Italian birth certificate will be issued and I can proceed with getting my passport and my codice fiscale. I'm going to open the mailbox with anticipation ever day for the next month!

I feel such a profound sense of relief now that this is done. After all I had to go through amending legal documents and doing translations, it's nice to know that everything appears to be in order and is out of my hands now. So now I can go on vacation and not have to worry about my home flooding or burning and, in doing so, destroying documents that are irreplaceable now that my grandmother is gone - at least without having to go to court to get them.

I'm going to sleep very well tonight.

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