Back to Work

It's back to work today from vacation.

Between jet lag, the fact that I think I'm getting sick, and the fact that the girls are being extra loving this morning, I'm really not in the mood.
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Wendy and I are now in Verona after spending several days in Munich visiting yakalskovich to Rwhomever we are most greatful.

We just had a nice dinner of anchovy pizza and wine and are back at our hotel room for a little rest before we do som more exploring.

Tomorrow we get to see dadi. I can't wait, but first I must finish up my first night in Italy as a citizen.

New Transit

I'm excited to report that the new downtown tram (Peachtree Streetcar) received funding today after years of planning. It will be the first tram in Atlanta since they ripped them up around World War II.

The route will be small loop through Downtown that will primarily connect tourist attractions, while also serving downtown residents who work and play in the area. Best of all, it will have a strop right in front of my house and provide a direct linkage between it and the growing Edgewood Avenue corridor. I can't wait!

The photo below shows one of the proposed vehicles that was on display a year ago nearby in Centennial Park. The actual route will run at the back side of the park, behind the German and Canadian flags.

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I'm Ready for Winter

Here on this Summer Solstice I find myself wishing it was winter.

The temperature is too high, the days too long, the sun too bright, and the air too polluted.

I'm drained both mentally and physically and won't be able to refresh unless the weather takes a major change. Maybe if I'm lucky there will be a modest hurricane - at least rain and wind would be a pleasant change.
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Yesterday Daniel and I went up to Dahlonega - site of the first US gold rush - to walk around the town and then do a little gold panning.

While we didn't make our millions, it sure was fun, and I'm very pleased with the few nuggets that I did find.

I can see how this could become addictive.

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Il mio certificato di cittadinanza!

At this moment I am overwhelmed with joy and relief, having just returned home from a conference to find the letter from the Italian government certifying that I am now an Italian citizen.

Even though I haven't slept well in days, am brain dead, and my body is tired beyond belief, I am so, so, so happy that this three year process is over.

Grazie, nana!
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I know it's a chain and all, but I really like having Piola in Atlanta. Now I can finally have tuna and onion pizza, which is, by my estimate, the best taste known to man.

Today is a good lunch day :)
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